As a member of the Ohio House, my priorities will be to:

Protect our democracy by:

-Ensuring the right to vote is not infringed upon, ending voter purges, expanding ballot drop-off locations, and defending absentee and early voting.     

-Fighting efforts to ban books in schools and public libraries. 

-Promoting and protecting the accurate teaching of our nation’s history. 

-Eliminating corruption in Columbus.

-Respecting Ohioans’ vote for fair districts by working toward more transparency and accountability from the Redistricting Commission.

Respect our environment by:

-Protecting our planet and future generations by addressing climate change.

-Encouraging the development and implementation of green energy.

-Ensuring Ohioans have access to clean water by protecting our natural resources.

-Reducing pollution across Ohio, from rural communities to inner city neighborhoods.

Defend our liberties/rights by:

-Enshrining the rights to reproductive health and abortion in the state constitution.

-Protecting and respecting all marriages in the state constitution.

-Ensuring that all Ohioans are protected under Ohio law from discrimination in all facets of life regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, immigration status, or marital status.

Fight for our families by:

-Expanding Medicare, lowering prescription drug prices, implementing transparency in medical care costs, and more to ensure all Ohioans have access to quality affordable healthcare. 

-Focusing on expanding jobs and opportunities for Ohio workers so that every worker earns a living wage and can care for their loved ones.

-Raising the minimum wage to $15/hour.

-Funding public education fairly and equitably, and fighting efforts to direct future public tax dollars to private and charter schools.

-Defending teachers as the experts in instruction by stopping efforts to interfere in what they can say or teach in their classrooms, and by requiring teachers to hold degrees in education in order to teach Ohio’s children.

-Implementing common-sense gun laws so that Ohioans can go about their daily lives without fear of being murdered at school, while shopping, in their house of worship, or on the street.

-Respecting Labor and workers by protecting the rights to organize and bargain collectively while fighting attempts to diminish those rights through so-called “right to work” laws.